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HeapLAB Review - GLIBC Heap Exploitation with Max Kamper

I recently traveled to London to take part in a brand new training course called HeapLAB - GLIBC Heap Exploitation with Max Kamper.  While Max's name might not stand out to you, his body of work almost certainly will.  He is the creator of ROPEmporium, a hugely popular (at least amongst my friends) website focused on teaching x86 Return-Oriented Programming exploitation techniques. To be completely honest, he's a bit of a celebrity in my eyes so I jumped at the chance to take his new in-person course.

44Con, a popular conference in the UK, hosted the training at a local hotel and conference center on 12 and 13 March 2020 and cost £1,500.  While this training took place during a pretty high anxiety time surrounding the spread of COVID-19, I think 44Con did a good job communicating with me before the training event and providing attendees with appropriate safe guards during the event, such as individual tables to work from so we were not stacked on top of each other.  Now, there…

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