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ROP Emporium ~ Pwning MIPS

Earlier this month, ROP Emporium updated all eight 32bit and 64bit x86_64 challenges, along with adding challenges for ARM and MIPS.   Given that most folks are going to be working from an x86_64-based host, I thought I might go over some options for approaching the MIPS binaries.  While I stick strictly to MIPS here, the ARM setup is very similar. Hardware One option is to simply utilize MIPS hardware, avoiding your x86 host all together.  While the ARM folks have it easy with a myriad of boards to choose from like the Raspberry Pi line, it's more limited for MIPS. I've utilized the Creator CI20  and while it's a bit over-priced and has been EOL for a while now, it gets the job done.  Alternatively, you might have a little-endian MIPS device, such as a wireless router, that you could use too. User-Mode Emulation The ROPE  Beginner's Guide discusses ways to approach the MIPS challenges utilizing qemu in user-mode.  Following those instructions will certainly get you i

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