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Know Your [roots]#

After recently wrapping up Forshaw's awesome Attacking Network Protocols, it felt like a good time to take a break from the purely technical reading I often find myself doing.  When a new book hits my doorstep, it's only a matter of time before the battle begins - reading, experimenting, re-reading, more tinkering, rinse and repeat until I feel comfortable with the theory and putting the content into practice.

After Attacking, I decided it was time to get a history lesson.  Something that I could just read and enjoy at its face value. Sure, like most in the industry, I had previously worked my way through Mitnick's books, but I wanted more.  After talking with a co-worker, whose bookshelf is just ridiculous and is a hacking historian in their own right, we settled on the following series, to be read in the order listed.

Underground: Hacking, madness and obsessions on the electronic frontierMasters of DeceptionThe Cuckoos Egg@Large
While I'm just cracking @Large open no…

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